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The work of Luis Torralva has an enormous diversity, each sculpture seeks the originality or the essence of what he want to express: the brutality of an Indian, the lust of a miser, the peace of a couple of deer, the desperation of a family that escapes, the sadness of the music of a violinist or insecurity of a blind, keeping in each work its uniqueness.

Some of his works are on permanent display in some museums in Buenos Aires, including the Museum of Decorative Art (Guilt, “La Culpa”), Raggio Museum (The Blind, “El Ciego”), the Embassy of Chile in Buenos Aires (Chagrin, "Sadness").


  • Beaux Arts. París, 1934.
  • Müller Gallery.  Florida 935. City of Buenos Aires, 1937.
  • Witcomb Gallery. Florida 760. Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1944.
  • Müller Gallery. Florida 935. City of Buenos Aires, 1949.
  • Art Gallery. Callao 1910. City of Buenos Aires, 1975.
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